Old School


Old isChOOL,

In evolution is, in evolution it’s our present time and I’m so glad to feel me alive, as an Old School member on BoardSports, yeah here we Go.!

Causality brings again the rule of all that young dreamers as a Surfing soul believerS,  we are. And dynamics we have on ground , sea , snow ever it where;      we are

ONBoard ^RidinGON

Many language’s we have to manage 4 Read.

ConfeSSions on a Carve Livin’g

¡Curve writer’s We are!

I write You NOW:

I LOVE Board Sports As WELL they LOVE ME.

Living ON Edge ¡¡  ReadING LEARN all Time,.

Boarder, IS YOUR own Capability matteR.

Impression and Expression that’s ART of ArtiFEX.

Ride and cross Live Bridge.

I love you all,